We already have the first recess champions

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Next week is the turn of the 5º and 6º courses.

The 3º and 4º Primary Education courses have already finished the Chess Tournament at Recess, and it is time to look at the classifications. Ángel Oliver and Pelayo Margolles share the first place ex aequo after having completed the championship with full victories. Álex Labra, half a point behind them, completes this year's podium. The performance of the students of 3º is very worthy: Nicolás Abellán, Rubén Zaragoza, Álvaro Ribera (who lost the last game at the 1 table) and Saúl López. All of them, with 4 points, occupied the positions of 4 to 7. In this sport, age weighs a lot and that these boys regularly beat the older ones is of great difficulty. Congratulations to them too.

Rodrigo Ibáñez, Nicolás Martínez, Bruno Gómez, Carmen García (who is the first girl in this year's standings), Pablo Boubnane, Jorge Cabo, Pelayo Blanco, Marcos González, Adrián Castro and Uriel Peláez complete the pre-selected roster for the team from college. The rest of the results and classifications can be found at: https://info64.org/ajws-al-recreo-san-fernando-201920-2o-ciclo/2.

Next week will be the turn of the "elders." From next Monday, some 60 athletes of 5º and 6º will look for the title of champion of the Recreation and to enter the selections of this season. Jorge Noriega, the former champion, has jumped to ESO, so the throne is empty. Sara Zapatero and Rodrigo González leave as favorites in this edition, but surprises are the order of the day in these tournaments.