The international master Javier Agüera teaches us the secrets of chess

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Our red courtyard became the scene of a very unique activity this morning. The international chess master Javier Agüera Naredo, several times champion of Asturias of this sport, visited us to play two games with two of our most outstanding chess players, the students of 4º of Ed. Primary Sara Zapatero Montes and Rodrigo González Martino.

And they did not do it in a typical board, but in one of giant proportions so that the students of 3º to 6º of Primary Ed that attended as audience could enjoy with the movements of the pieces and knew like this the secrets of this discipline.

From the first hour of the morning, board and pieces waited in the patio for the start of the games. Punctual to the appointment were the players, who were introduced by our Chess coordinator, Sergio Arias Torío. Javier Agüera, playing with blacks, faced Sara first, then Rodrigo. Both games were followed with emotion by the students, who broke the maxim of following the game in silence and did not hesitate to encourage their peers, in addition to offering their advice on the next move to be made. It was a great experience in which the young players learned some tricks from the hands of an international master, an opportunity that you do not have many times.

The exhibition was organized by the Asturian Chess Federation in collaboration with our Department of Sports and Extracurricular Activities. Chess is one of the sports that has experienced the greatest boom in the College in recent years. Last season, our teams achieved important achievements, being first in the Principality Sports Games in different categories.