The Team Chess Sports Games are resumed

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Three teams of the College compete in the 2019 final.

This Sunday the final of the Team Chess Sports Games resumes. On this occasion, the trip is to Oviedo, in the Corredoria Arena, an old acquaintance of the usual chess players. After a discreet initial round, our teams will have to spin fine if they want to keep aspiring for the medals.

The Sub 8, which by the whims of the calendar has already faced the best teams, will have as a rival the Montedeva, a priori affordable meeting.

In the Sub 12 category, our teammates (maybe I should say teammates, because the girls are clear majority in the team) have a very complicated opponent, the Codema Lasker, but to win they will fight for the three medals. They have great merit our / as partners / as, they are freshman and are playing at a high level and against players and very experienced. Any position on the podium would taste like gold.

In the first participation of the school in the sub category 14, things go as expected. It is one of the most difficult categories in Spain because of the level of the participants and each point must be started with blood and sweat. Even so, the team has already tied a game and win our next rival, the Ecole, would allow us to get away from the red lantern.

The road to the final

Although the teams of the Sanfer are not standing out in the final, they come to sweep in the zonal phase, with 9 possible 10 medals. Champions in the sub categories 14, sub 12 and sub 8, silver and bronze in sub 12, sub 10 and sub 8, a spectacular result.

This success has had continuity with a large number of participants in the Chess activity, which is already close to thirty players. If this generation of players, who collect the witness of one that has given many successes to the College at the regional level, remains San Fernando could dispute the hegemony in school chess Codema. The school of Gijón is the current undisputed leader, since chess is part of the curriculum and has a great capacity to attract the talents that may arise.