Spectacular performance of the Sanfer in the Individual Chess Zone

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Our athletes have covered most of the podiums and classifications for the final in a zone that have dominated both in number and results

It is difficult to choose where to start the chronicle when there is so much good news to tell. The first success is that of participation, since 50 of our partners have participated in this edition of the Sports Games. Bearing in mind that a total of 98 schoolchildren from Avilés attended the meeting with the board on Sunday, Sanfer blue has been the predominant color in the Magdalena sports center.

This year, apart from the number, there was also dominance of the Sanfer in the results. Let's start with the kids, Luis Ávila started as a favorite and made the forecast good, winning gold with full victories, Álvaro Díaz de la Noval, in second place and Jorge Alvera, who won the bronze, completed a blue podium. Pablo Iglesias, in 4º place, also achieves the pass to the final.

In the sub category 10, Angel Oliver finished in second position, while Alex Labra added a bronze to the medal winners. Rubén Zaragoza, Nico Abellán and Carmen García will accompany you in the next phase.

Nor was the sub category 12 bad, Sara Zapatero added a bronze to her brilliant record and Bruno Pastor, Lucas alonso and Claudia Arribas, in 4º, 5º and 6º place respectively will have their chance to improve in the regional phase.

Another player who swells his long record is Pablo Zapatero, who proclaimed himself the 16 sub champion. Our only representative in this category started as number one in his group and made himself worthy of that honor. In the final you will have the opportunity to play in this difficult category with the best in Asturias, hopefully you can fight to achieve a metal, which would consolidate you among the first swords in the region.

In summary, more than 50% of the participants, 8 medals, 15 qualified for the final and a special mention for the other 35 athletes, who, although they have not reached the regional phase, have fought as true champions and champions and have had exemplary behavior throughout the tournament. Keep up the good work, that the next chronicle may be yours!

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