Sergio Arias, an extraordinary experience in the World Cadet Chess Championship

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Our chess monitor writes us from Santiago de Compostela, where he is refereeing the most important international event of the category.

Hello! Greetings from the world cadets chess Championship in Santiago de Compostela. I am here for ... Sorry, here sometimes it is easy to forget that we are in Spain. In this world championship, more than 90 countries are present as competitors, and in the arbitration team, of some 30 people, I have colleagues from Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Mongolia, Ecuador, Peru and India. As much with the majority of the players as with my companions, English is the language with which we communicate. The next time you ask yourself what the classes are for, you already have the answer !: to be in a place like this.

Did you miss me? If these days you have not seen me at school it is because I have the opportunity to attend this gigantic tournament, with 850 participants from all categories. (In this link you can see the results -cadets-chess-championships-2018-u12-open). The call came to me by surprise. Last Friday, at 7 in the afternoon, I was so calm giving a class, and 12 hours later was on the way to nothing less than a world championship. I take this opportunity to thank the colleagues who are replacing me in the dining room and with the classes, and Fernando and the ownership for having allowed me to attend. Thank you very much for making this incredible trip possible.

The tournament is held in an impressive site, the Gaias Culture City, which has spectacular architecture ( and the game room is huge. It is very difficult to find a place where all these people fit in one room.

The work is quite intense and there is a lot of pressure, but I'm learning a lot and nothing less than some of the best referees in the world, so it's worth the effort. All this I will tell you in person as soon as I return, which will be soon, because although it is a wonderful experience, the truth is that I already want to return with my boys. See you ... sorry, see you soon!