White, gray and black in the chess final

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Disparate results on the first day of the final of the Team Chess Sports Games.

The first three rounds of the final of the Sports Games for teams played at the Hotel Villa de Gijón on March 1, have left very different results among our teams. Let's start with the good news. The sub 8 team commands the classification of its category with three very clear victories, which puts them in a clear disposition to achieve a medal.

The sub 10 team leaves with only one draw, but it is fair to say that on this day it has faced the three favorites. They must force the machine and win the rest of the games to finish on the podium. In a similar situation is the sub 12 team, with half of the points but having left behind very strong rivals. In all likelihood, his confrontation with the École will be worth to decide a medal. The sub 16, on the other hand, leaves with a rosco, but it is fair to mention that they play a category above most of its members and that they include the sub 12 in their rotations. Even so, they have scored individually in all meetings.

The next day will be in Oviedo on March 15. It will be two key rounds so that you can fight for the medals on the last date of the final. Ours will play in Aviles on March 30. Hopefully, acting as locals will bring you luck and culminate the work and effort done.