Plenary of the Sanfer in the area of ​​the Team Sports Games

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Our athletes have achieved gold in all categories.

The Sanfer has won in all categories of the Team Chess Games Zonal that was played on February 16. The dominance in number, since ten of the 17 teams that were found this Sunday in the sports center of La Magdalena wore the blue tracksuit, may make it seem that this is easy, but among the rivals had lined up several champions of Asturias. It seems that the names of the best players in history, which served to distinguish the teams, have inspired our teammates. Let's see what happened in each category.

Let's start with the prebenjamines. Sanfer Steinitz, formed by Luis Ávila, Jorge Alvera and Yago Ibáñez, took first place despite the fact that the last minute losses left them with one less player. Even so, they only gave a draw in the entire competition. A team that has a lot of travel and will have many medal options in the final phase, already with a complete team, of course.

Sanfer Alekhine, who lined up Ángel Oliver, Álex Labra, Rubén Zaragoza, Álvaro Rivera and Saúl López, won the victory in the Benjamin category. Another representative who can fight for everything in the final. Two teams from the College accompanied them on the podium: Sanfer Botvinnik (Gunnar Villanueva, Pelayo Blanco, Uriel Peláez, Adrián Castro and Adrián Martínez), who finished in second position, and Sanfer Euwe (Nicolás Martínez, Bruno Gómez, Carmen García and Pablo Boubnane), who got the bronze.

In the juvenile category two more medals were won. The Sanfer Smyslov, composed of the golden generation of the chess of the College and reinforced with some new acquisition, won with absolute clarity. Bruno Bernardo, Rodrigo Martino, Sara Zapatero, Lucas Alonso, Daniel Miranda and Yago Mira hung the gold of the neck, while the Sanfer Petrosian (Mario Fidalgo, Marcos Barrigón, Pablo Rodríguez and Martín Quiroga) conquered the bronze against a strong opposition, after losing a single match against the champions and having achieved some boards with the seconds.

Sanfer Spassky won the cadet tournament without opposition. Pablo Zapatero, Lucas Casasnovas, Irene Díaz and Marta Méndez will have to wait for the final to show their strength.

The winners of each category will represent Avilés in the final of the Sports Games, which will take place in Gijón (March 1), Oviedo (March 15) and Avilés (March 29). Hopefully the names of the world champions will continue to give them strength and continue their successes in the final phase.

More results and classifications can be found at the following link: