Discreet day in the final of the Principality Sports Games

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After the second day, our teams face the latter with different objectives.

It has not been a great day for our teammates in the chess section, although not everything has been negative. After a victory and a draw, the Sub 8 will be able to speed up their medal options on the last day. They must win their two matches and expect results, but in this category there is nothing far-fetched.

The Sub 14 team flees from the red lantern with a victory against the Ecole and can meet its objectives. Now is to enjoy the final day and seek a new victory that would boost them to the middle of the table, a triumph for a team of circumstances in an extraordinarily strong category.

Much worse has gone to the Sub 12, after two undeservedly blunt defeats lost any option to medal. Although it was not the goal for this year, this team has always performed very well in the regional and had some hopes of metal. Now, to learn and take note for next year, with an eye on the Spanish championship.