It could not be a great day for our chess players

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The 15 representatives of the College in the individual chess final of the Sports Games did not specify their medal options.

The medals of the final phase are still hidden from our teammates. Luis Avila, in the sub 8 category, started as number 1 in the tournament and was the favorite to win, but an early stumble complicated the tiebreaker and another unexpected defeat left him with 5 points and sent him to sixth place, tied with the third. The result is objectively good, but our player cannot conform because it has quality for much more. It will certainly give us a joy on the next date.

In the sub 10 category, Alex Labra also had his options to take a metal home, but his nerves played tricks in the first round. Starting with a loss in such a short tournament is a great handicap, but Alex chained four consecutive victories and returned to the noble zone. However, losing in the sixth round he ran out of options to step on the podium. He said goodbye winning game and with a ninth place that is not bad but also knows little. Even so, its progression is constant and sooner or later it will be installed among the best in Asturias.

Sara Zapatero was our best player in sub 12, with 3,5 points. It may seem like a discreet performance, but this category is one of the strongest in Spain, with an impressive medium level and each point must be taken out in blood and fire. His brother Pablo was our only representative in U16 and finished in 16th position, a little below his initial ranking, but with a good performance in general.

The rest of the players of the College, up to 15, paid dearly for their lack of experience in these tournaments, but if they take advantage of the lessons learned in this competition, they can be compensated in the team competition. The rest of the results and classifications can be consulted in the following link: